Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Handwritten Manuscript of "Abbott and Costello Go To Mars" On Sale

A handwritten copy of D.D. Beauchamp's manuscript for "Abbott and Costelo Go to Mars" is on sale for $4500.00 from Royal Books.  The Royal Books website describes the manuscript as " Present in its entirety is Beachamp's original treatment, executed in pencil, with holograph corrections. Interspersed throughout are the resulting typewritten pages (also with holograph corrections). The combined pages are bradbound with green studio covers, showing a date of December 5, 1951 (two years prior to the film's release, and well before production began)". Although  "Abbott and Costello Go To Mars" is one of my favorite A and C movies I do don't see myself spending $4500 for this manuscript. But I'm sure someone will! You can find more info on the mamuscript at the link below.

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Matthew Coniam said...

Can anybody lend me $4500.00?